Ever wondered where exactly your childcare fee goes? Most Day Home providers have similar expenses and yet, at times a parent can become a little confused with varying rates charged from one provider to the next.

Although I am not privileged into the accounting practice followed by different Day Homes or Childcare Centers, I can supply the following information as to where the fee's families enrolled with Toddler Haven pay into....

So...for those that are interested and have the patience to read through, here is my attempt to explain

At Toddler Haven your family is guaranteed quality childcare in an extended family environment.  While registered in my day home, you pay per "position/spot", meaning your child's place is held and I will not cover their absence with drop-in clientele.

So what does your fee included at Toddler Haven?


Unconditional nurturing and care of your child - Priceless!

Strict caregiver/child ratio ~ Keeping my ratios lower than most allows for individualized attention and more one on one time for your child.  If you are not sure what the ratio in Alberta is or what your child is entitled to, please review this subject under FAQ

Dependability and experience - 18 years and I love it!

A safe learning environment

Additional training or upgrading I participate in: CPR re-certification, Child Care courses, Classes, Police clearance

Creative & stimulating programs geared for your child's age group - Monthly themes/programs/projects etc.

Pre-K Curriculum:  For children 2-5 years

Literacy materials: Items such as Books, Music,  etc

Computers/Printers: Programs, Games, Internet/Email, Paper, Ink Cartridges, Maintenance on all including abused mice and keyboards - I am only including the 3 stations setup for the children, not my office computer!

Extra utilities costs that are incurred by running a childcare 

Furniture/Home maintenance, and repair - lots of wear and tear involved with operating a day home

Cleaning supplies - not just for around the home but play items as well

Healthy and diverse menus that are nutritionally sound

Paper products, soap and hygiene supplies, first aid supplies,  diapers, pull-ups, creams, lotions, bug spray, wipes, etc - you should see my grocery bills!

Equipment: Furniture for the "Preschool/Playroom", Playpens, Strollers, Potties, Highchairs, Car seats for everyone, Dramatic Play Centers, Outdoor equipment, Mats, Storage shelves, Bins etc - and continued upkeep

Toys:  Games, Puzzles, Dramatic Play items, Science Discovery materials, Math games, Blocks, Lego, Dolls, Trains, Ride-On toys, Bikes...to many items to list

Craft Supplies: Glue, Tape, Papers, Crayons, Markers, Paints, Paint Brushes, Scissors, Themed items, materials etc.



I do not receive the "work place" benefits many employees take for granted. Company paid health/dental plans, life insurance, retirement/pension plans, workers comp, or unemployment insurance...benefits that often amount to as much as 35% of a person's wages.

It use to be that most people had a 40-hour workweek, but for some like myself, that is no longer the case. By the time I include; bookkeeping, paperwork, plan monthly curriculum, themes and programs, daily preparation, shopping, day home laundry, cleaning time and so on.....I usually work well beyond 70 hours a week....leaving little precious family time or time to attend to personal matters.

I follow provincial regulations that dictates the size of my business, and I know some wonder why I have chosen a profession that is very restrictive in a business sense, leaving myself no room for growth. The answer is simple....I LOVE WHAT I DO, so for me it works out in the end.

Does any of this help explain where your fee would go to at a different day home/childcare center or why some providers charge different rates? Not really....but remember.... I said I could help explain where your childcare fee goes to at Toddler Haven.

Thank you for your time.



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